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Our Team

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Our Team

[vc_column_text]Baldacci Promotions provides you with qualified, knowledgeable and result-oriented professionals. We know these events cannot be successful without the leadership of an experienced motivated and focused management team.

Our management staff works closely with the home office each day to ensure each event is conducted with your goals in sight. We send in a professional sales team that we match exclusively for your business and event.[/vc_column_text][shvc_accordion mode=”single”][shvc_accord_item title=”Floor Manager” open=”true”]

Our managers are specifically trained for high impact events. They closely monitor the sales floor to ensure each event is successful and profitable. Our managers work the floor; they do not sit back and let the sales come to them. They are constantly roaming the show room and working with all guests to ensure each guest is greeted and close sales. They work closely with your sales team and all sales professionals sent in by BP.

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BP attains only highly motivated professionals with positive attitudes. We believe the best way to have a successful event is to have a staff that is energized and dedicated to achieve results. They are independent contractors who work for commission only. They are dedicated specifically to your store and event.  We supply the right amount of sales professionals suited to your store size and volume.  We ensure we always have as many people necessary to cover your customers coming through the doors.

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Contact Us


Have questions?  Please don’t hesitate to e-mail or call us.  We would be happy to answer any questions and assess if we are the best fit for your company.

Corporate: 800.910.8923
Local office: 804.714.8418
Fax number: 540.693.1412
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Meet Our Team

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KJ Baldacci
800-910-8923 ext. 801
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Terri Baldacci
Director of Operations
800-910-8923 ext. 802
cell: 540-429-2561
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Mandy Bartlett
Vice President
800-910-8923 ext. 802
cell 501-358-9009
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